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7 profitability metrics for fast casual restaurants

September 16, 2015

In this guide we present the top 7 profitability metrics for fast casual restaurants. We have distilled these top 7 from the combined experience of over 3000 fast casual and quick service restaurant managers. Our work with over 3000 restaurant managers has uncovered a few quick tips that we use over and over here at Zuus Workforce. 


The three most important metrics are:

1. Labor cost as a percentage of revenue




2. Units sold per labor hour





3. Sales per labor hour

Read more about these three metrics and our top seven in our guide:

Download our guide to   restaurant profitability


About the Author: Michael Pullman

Michael Pullman

Michael loves working with franchisees and franchisors to introduce cool technology. He's passionate about using data to help managers make great staffing decisions. He loves flying, climbing trees and playing in the snow.