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ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling supports the Colorado Restaurant Association

The Colorado Restaurant Show is a fantastic opportunity to meet local restaurant operators doing amazing things in the Rocky Mountain Region.

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Waba Grill Franchisee saves $40k using ZUUS

Byung Kim and his business partner opened their first WaBa Grill store in Northridge, Los Angeles in November 2016.

“Using ZUUS for scheduling and tracking our metrics has been amazing. We’ve reduced our final labor-to-sales from 31.8% to 25.7% - saving us $41,236 this year!” - Byung Kim, Waba Grill Franchisee

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Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

In restaurants, culture eats strategy for breakfast.


In his talk at the 2016 Multi Unit Food Service Operators Conference, Jim Sullivan fromSullivision.comincluded a section about company culture. He maintains that culture should be made a priority by business leaders, and that it even supersedes business strategy when it comes to maintaining a healthy and productive working environment.

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“I QUIT!” How High Employee Turnover Is Costing Restaurants a Fortune, and What You Can Do About It.

Jim Sullivan from Sullivision.com delivered an inspiring talk at the 2016 Multi Unit Food Service Operator’s Conference October 2016. Among the restaurant leadership topics he covered was a section on the real costs of restaurant turnover. Presented here are his statistics and some solutions for operators.

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What to look for when choosing a multi-unit franchise brand.

As a multi-unit franchisee which brand you choose is the biggest decision you'll make and invariably there are many questions you need to ask. What are the factors you need to take into account before making a choice? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the options? What type of product will continue to return profits year after year? What are the questions to ask in the initial stages of making a choice? At the Multi Unit Franchise Conference in 2016 the team pulled together some big industry players and asked the questions you need answers to.

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Boost your schedules with high res wage data

How many times have you or your management team pulled your hair out trying to build effective work schedules that optimize employee hours worked? Matching work schedules with the current sales activity of your restaurant or food operation is a constant challenge. ZUUS Workforce has developed a powerful solution. Let’s take a closer look.


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How to automate your Payroll process through NetSuite with ZUUS Workforce

ZUUS Workforce have partnered with NetSuite to offer customers an integrated and seamless payroll solution. The integration includes features to automate payroll processing, exporting actual worked hours across to NetSuite quickly and easily. So quickly in fact, that one of our clients currently exports 500+ staff members hours worked into NetSuite in under five minutes. No upload & download of CSV files - a "psuedo integration". This all happens with a click of a button. Check out the video below to see ZUUS Workforce in action inside NetSuite and discover the power for yourself.

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Labor Optimizations Checklist to Save you Time + Money.

Staff costs are one of the largest costs to any business, especially those in retail, restaurants or the customer service industry. Here at ZUUS Workforce, we understand this and have taken the time to create the Labor Optimization Checklist to enable you to create staff schedules that meet customer demand. To find out if this checklist is for you, keep reading.

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