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Wonderful comments from our customer Market Lane & Little Hunter in New York City

March 10, 2017

Erin House, the Operations Manager for Little Hunter and Market Lane in New York wrote some awesome comments on the Software Advice review page for ZUUS.

erin review.png

Erin chose ZUUS for Market Lane & Little Hunter burgers because of the flexibility in handling different labor laws around the country, the ability to analyze their labor costs, and the awesome customer service team.

With products sourced and selected from around the globe, Market Lane is a food emporium focused on providing natural ingredients produced by specialist, artisan suppliers and showcases these through the innovative in store cafe menu which you can enjoy in the casual atmosphere of our contemporary designed cafes.

Thanks so much Erin and best of luck with the new openings in the World Trade Center!


And check out this deliciousness (word on the street is that Erin designed this burger with all its bacony-cheesey-briochery-amazinness herself....)

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.49.35.png

About the Author: Rachael Skinner

Rachael Skinner

Rachael Skinner is CEO and founder of ZUUS Workforce Inc.Rachael has 18 years experience in managing teams, owning and managing businesses. Rachael has helped thousands of retail, hospitality, manufacturing and health care businesses improve their labor efficiency.